Half-yearly Human Rights Monitoring Report : January – June 2018

The first six months of 2018 human rights monitoring report describes the human rights situation in Bangladesh, specifically describing the following areas:

Statistics of Human Rights Violations: January-June 2018
Executive Summary
Main Report
A. State Repression and Impunity
     -Extrajudicial killings
     -Enforced disappearances
     -Torture and lack of accountability of law enforcement agencies
     -Prison conditions
     -Political repression and hindrance to freedom of assembly
     -Criminalisation of ruling party
B. Public Lynching
C. ‘Extremism’ and Human Rights
D. Dysfunctional State Institutions
     -Anti Corruption Commission
     -Election Commission
     -Local government and bi-elections
     -Khulna and Gazipur City Corporation elections
E. Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media
     -Repressive laws
     -Freedom of the media
F. Workers’ Rights
     -Situation of workers in the formal sector
     -Situation of workers in the informal sector
     -Situation of women migrant workers
G. Relation with Neighbouring Countries: India and Myanmar
     -Aggressive policy of India towards Bangladesh
     -Acts of genocide against Rohingyas in Myanmar
H. Violence against Women
     -Child Marriage Restraint Act, 2017 promotes child marriage
I. Hindrance to human rights activities of Odhikar

Six-Month_HRR_2018 (full text in English, PDF)


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