Violence against women

Violence against women in Bangladesh is widespread and political influence; administrative failure and lack of social resistance and implementation of laws are the main reasons that lead to the perpetrators going free. Odhikar closely monitors the overall situation of women and girls in Bangladesh and documents the issues relating to violence against women, in particular, dowry violence, rape, acid violence and stalking (sexual harassment). Victims of rape face severe social stigma where in majority cases victims are treated as the guilty party by the police. As a result a majority of victims/their families do not seek justice and try to hide incident. Due to a weak criminal justice system, insensitivity, corruption, wrong postmortem reports the judicial procedure is hindered. Though a deep rooted patriarchal mindset and lack of awareness is behind such violence; however, non implementation of laws are also instigating such violence. The inaction and corruption of law enforcement agencies and their reluctance to investigate or arrest the accused also contribute to the continuing crime of violence against women.

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