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Adilur gets Franco-German prize for human rights

Bangladeshi human rights activist Adilur Rahman Khan, also Odhikar secretary, has been awarded with Franco-German Prize for Human Rights and the Rule of Law for 2017. In 2017, the prize is being awarded for the second time to committed 15 human rights defenders from around the world who have done outstanding work in their respective […]

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When marriage is for money

FIFTEEN-year-old child bride Babli Akter’s fate took a horrible turn when she was allegedly killed by her husband Rashedul and her in laws on January 27 this year as her family could not pay the Tk 3 lakh as dowry (Manabzamin, January 28, 2017). Dowry is nothing more than marital extortion. Dowry marriage mostly consists […]

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Recalling humanity

WHEN human rights abuses within a state persistently occur, the issue becomes public knowledge and repressive states will try their utmost to hide their actions, but to no avail. However, there are some actions and instances where establishing state responsibility becomes difficult while the abused continue to suffer. This is especially true if the state […]

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No to ’special circumstances’ in Law, No to Child Marriage

Taskin Fahmina* Child marriage is a widespread epidemic in Bangladesh. According to the UNICEF, Bangladesh has the fourth highest rate of child marriage in the world; and the highest rate of marriage involving girls under 15. It is more prevalent in rural areas where 71% of girls are married before the age of 18, compared […]

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বখাটেপনা ও নারীর পরিস্থিতি

বাংলাদেশের ইতিহাসে বখাটেদের দ্বারা নিপীড়ন এবং যৌন হয়রানি আজকের ঘটনা নয়। এর বিরুদ্ধে জোরালোভাবে সমন্বিত সামাজিক আন্দোলন ও প্রতিরোধ গড়ে না ওঠায় বর্তমান পরিস্থিতি ভয়াবহ হয়ে উঠেছে। গত কয়েক বছরে বখাটেদের আক্রমণে অনেক মেয়েই খুন হয়েছেন- আত্মহত্যা করেছেন, এসিড সন্ত্রাস, যৌন হয়রানি, আহত ও লাঞ্ছনার শিকার হয়েছেন। বখাটেরা অনেক মেয়েদের এসিড মারা, ধর্ষণ, অপহরণ, লাঞ্ছিত […]

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Banishing barbarous torture

June 26, 2016 by CR Abrar International DayToday, June 26, is being globally commemorated as International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Torture denies inherent dignity of human beings and has a lasting debilitating effect on the victim’s personality. Termed by the United Nations as one of the vilest acts perpetrated by human beings […]

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