Bangladesh Telecommunication Ordinance 2005 : national security or infringement on civil rights?

Article by Arafat Amin, Researcher, Odhikar.

Tapping a telephone does not only infringe the privacy of the person who owns the telephone, the interception subject – it also affects anyone who calls or is called by that person. If communications relating to medical, religious, journalistic or legally privileged material are likely to be involved, the application for an interception warrant should draw attention to this as it will give rise to an unusual degree of collateral infringement of privacy.

The present Telecommunication (Amendment) Act 2006 has provided the Government irrational power to invade privacy of the people. It is obvious that this newly enacted Act will be another mechanism for the Government to use it for political oppression. But as human rights defenders it is our duty to stand against such irrational actions of the Government.

Bangladesh telecommunication ordinance-Article-2006 (full text in English, PDF)


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