The human rights scenario of Bangladesh of 2005

62 killed in bomb attacks and Political Killing 310 and 396 die in hands of law enforcement agencies

Incidents of bomb attacks by the religious militants were the much-talked issues of year 2005. Serious bomb attacks in 63 districts of the country on August 17, killing of two judges, and death of policemen and lawyers in bomb attacks on
courts in Gazipur and Chittagong were also the major incidents. Sixty-two people were killed and 983 were injured in bomb and grenade attack last year. Among them, 30 were killed and 347 were injured in the attacks of religious extremists alone. During this time, some 881 suspects were arrested for their alleged involvement in grenade and bomb attacks across the country.

It is important to note that a total of 196 cases have been filed in connection with the incidents of country wide bomb attacks on August 17. Charge-sheets have been submitted in 96 cases, while 102 cases are under investigation. A total of 642 suspects have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the August 17 and subsequent incidents of bomb attacks. Of the arrested 478 are the charge-sheeted accused. These information are from the report on human rights situation of the country, which has been prepared by Odhikar on the basis of reports published in leading national new paper and reports of the fact finding missions of Odhikar.

Last year, a total 310 people were killing, 8997 people were injured, 1216 people were arrested, and 93 people were kidnapped as human rights violation related with politics. Among them in hill tracts 25 people were killed, 71 people
were injured, 81 people were kidnapped, 2 were rapped, and 35 people were arrested as a result of human rights violation.

In the year 2005 from 1st January to 30th December 396 people were killed in  whole country in the hand of law enforcement agencies. Of them, 111 people were killed by Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), 258 people were killed while they are in police custody, 4 people were killed by Cheetah and Cobra (special police forces) and 23 people were by other forces. It is important to note that, among the 396, who were killed by law enforcement agencies, as many as 107 were killed in the crossfire of RAB, 212 people were killed in the crossfire of police and 4 were killed in the crossfire of Cheetah and Cobra and 17 were killed by other forces, where as many as 340 people were killed in crossfire. On the other hand, 6 people were died in the police station and 76 were died in jail.


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