Report 2005 : investigation, research and publication of human right violation

2005 is the third and final year of Odhikar’s project, “Investigation, Research and Publication of Human Rights Violations” funded by the Academy for Educational Development (AED) of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

This report is the final report for this project and compiles the out puts of the project activities, including fact finding reports and the results of police station monitoring. It also contains highly informative documents presented by human rights activists of the South Asian region, at a project-based discussion meeting on the protection of victims and witnesses.

It contains six chapters:


  1. Odhikar and the AED: partnership for change
  2. Civil and political rights in Bangladesh
  3. Odhikars work involving law enforcement agencies and their behaviour
  4. Fact findings in 2005
  5. Recognising the need for laws to protect


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