Teenager killed by BSF at the Wahedpur border under Chapainababganj District

The people of Bishroshiay Charpaka village under Shibganj Thana, Chapainababganj are mourning the death of Shaymol Karmokar. Shaymol Karmokar (17) was the only barber in the village and with his death by the bullets of BSF on 27 January 2010; no one in the village cuts their hair or shaves in the salon any more.

The unfortunate event has shaken the villagers and officials alike. Shaymol went to India with out informing his father, to meet his aunt who lives in Malda, India. When he could not meet her, he called his father who asked him to come back at once. His father Naren Karmokar was aware of the BSF atrocities, particularly their shooting at Bangladeshi people at the border. He asked Shaymol not to return with any cattle traders. As fate would have it, Shaymol found Zahid, a cattle trader, who agreed to take him back to Bangladesh. On the night of 27 January they started to move towards Bangladesh but were spotted by the BSF at once. As the shooting started Zahid and his accomplice Abdul Mannan fled and Shaymol fell on the ground. He was shot thrice in his chest, abdomen and neck.

On 28 January, 2010 at 4.30 pm the BSF handed over the body of Shaymol to the BDR after a post mortem was done. The BDR handed it over to the Shibganj Police Station at 5.00 pm the same day. It was sent for a second post mortem to the Shibganj District Hospital. On 29 January at 3.30 pm the body was finally returned to the deceased’s family.

fact-finding-border violence-Shaymol Karmokar-2010 (full text in English, PDF)

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