A Bangladeshi farmer tortured by BSF in Putkhali border, Jessore

Motiar Rahman (28), a farmer of the Kadamtola village under Benapole Police Station went to cut grass for his cows on 25 January 2010 at 7.30 am in a field near the border area. After 15 minutes, two BSF men came and arrested him on the accusation of intruding into India. They blindfolded Motiar and took him to the Angrail BSF Camp.

In the camp, he was tied to a tree until 11.00 pm. He was beaten severely with a bamboo stick, on the back and feet following which he was kicked several times in his groin. He began to bleed from his penis as a result. At this point another soldier started beating him with another bamboo stick on his head. Torture went on for 45 minutes – soldiers jumped on his chest, and kicked him on the head and face with their boots. Motiar lost consciousness. The next day the drill was repeated. Finally on 27 January at 9.00 am he was handed over to the BDR after another round of ill-treatment.

The BDR handed him to Sharsha Police Station where a case under section 11(c) of the Bangladesh Passport Order, 1973 was filled against him. He appeared before the court on 28 January and got bail on 29 January from Jessore Court. He was sent to Jessore Medical Collage Hospital on 27 January by police where he stayed till he was produced before the court on 28 January. The victim and his family and hospital sources stated that Motiar encountered severe injuries. A lot of money had already been spent for his treatment.

fact-finding-torture-Motiar Rahman-2010 (full text in English, PDF)

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