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State of emergency in Bangladesh : reviewing the situation after 18 months

The Caretaker Government was constituted under the provisions of the Constitution (Thirteenth Amendment) Act, proclaimed State of Emergency on 11 January 2007 purportedly under Article 141 A of the Constitution, in the absence of the Parliament and obviously without satisfying constitutional requirement ‘for its validity the prior counter signature of the Prime Minister. Odhikar has, […]

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16 months of emergency in Bangladesh : fundamental rights in the Constitution must be restored

Odhikar monitors status of human rights situations according to the standard set by Constitution of Bangladesh as well as in various international instruments. For the last 16 months, since the State of Emergency proclaimed on January 11, 2007, Odhikar paid special attention to Emergency as such an extraordinary measure in itself constitute major challenge to […]

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Annual activity report : 2007

Bangladesh returned to democracy 17 years ago following a popular upsurge, constitutional liberties still face some challenges. The human rights situation and overall political and security conditions in Bangladesh have deteriorated on many counts over the last decade, concurrent with the shift in the role of the state, from socio-economic welfare of the citizens to […]

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Report on electoral violence : 17 October-15 December 2006

Odhikar has monitored election-related violence in 45 constituencies out of a total of 300. There might be more violence prone areas other than these 45 constituencies that Odhikar had selected and more incidents of violence could have taken place during this period. Odhikar selected these 45 constituencies on the basis of previous records of violence […]

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Annual activity report : 2006

Odhikar is a leading Bangladeshi human rights organisation, registered under the NGO Affairs Bureau. Since its inception in 1994 Odhikar has been striving to improve the human rights of all Bangladeshis by holding to account both state and non-state agencies who perpetrate human rights violations. It was founded as, and will continue to be, a […]

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City corporation election : 2002

  On 25 April 2002, the City Corporation Elections were held. However, the major opposition party, Awami League, did not take part in it. They refused to recognize this election. Odhikar arranged a total of 11 mobile observation teams throughout Bangladesh. Among these teams, 7 worked in Dhaka and there were 2 teams in Khulna […]

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