City corporation election : 2002


On 25 April 2002, the City Corporation Elections were held. However, the major opposition party, Awami League, did not take part in it. They refused to recognize this election.

Odhikar arranged a total of 11 mobile observation teams throughout Bangladesh. Among these teams, 7 worked in Dhaka and there were 2 teams in Khulna and 2 were in Rajshahi. These teams observed the pre-election preparation on 24th April and the election process on Election Day. The primary election observation report was presented right after the event to the country by press release. Finally, on 26th April Odhikar published the summary report by arranging a press conference.

Making several booths in the very same room creates crisis for space and a problem for casting votes freely and comfortably. So the Commission should avoid placing several booths in the same room and several centres in the same institute. There should be different alternatives for the pregnant, aged and disabled people by letting them cast their votes on the ground floor. Much concentration is needed while preparing the voter list. Before making it final the verification process should be more transparent and neutral. The voter ID system should be introduced to avoid the casting of tender votes. The election material should be up to mark. There should be an amendment in laws to prevent the terrorists and bank defaulters from contesting in any election. The Election Commission had to under go lots of trouble presenting the detailed result of the polling. However lack of enthusiasm was seen from members of the Election Commission, which is an offence. It should be compulsory to present a detail result and this system should be much clear and effective. The Election Commission should be independent and much stronger, to be able to conduct a free and fair election.

City corporation election report 2002 (full text in English, PDF)


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