Annual activity report : 2006

Odhikar is a leading Bangladeshi human rights organisation, registered under the NGO Affairs Bureau. Since its inception in 1994 Odhikar has been striving to improve the human rights of all Bangladeshis by holding to account both state and non-state agencies who perpetrate human rights violations. It was founded as, and will continue to be, a politically non-partisan organisation.

In 2006 Odhikar’s work was structured around five projects. They are Investigation, Research and Publication of Human Rights Violations; Election Violence Education and Resolution; Election Working Group; Democratic Elections: Motivation, Orientation and Support; Pluralism & Diversity: Promotion of Article 41 of the Constitution of Bangladesh through Education and Training.

Our Annual Report gives an overview of each of these projects and highlights the key findings, recommendations or outcomes.

Annual_activity_report_2006 (full text in English, PDF)


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