Belly Khatun was allegedly burnt to death for dowry

On 22 August 2011 at around 12 noon, Belly Khatun (21) was killed by her husband Md. Anwar Hossain, brothers‐in‐law Ariful Islam Dolon, Md. Ahsanul Islam Meno, father‐in‐law Md. Nurul Islam, sisters‐in‐law Anjuara Khatun, Mossammat Sabina Khatun, brother‐in‐law Md. Zoblu Hossain and her husband’s uncle Abdur Sattar; who poured kerosene on her in
the Batia village of Shahjadpur Upazilla of Sirajganj district. Belly’s father, Md. Yusuf Ali filed a case in the Shahjadpur Police Station of Sirajganj as a plaintiff. The case number is 21 and dated‐  23/08/11, under section 11(ka)/30 of the Nari O Shishu Nirjaton Daman Ain 2000 (Amended in 2003).

On 22 August 2011, police arrested Belly’s brother‐in‐law Md. Zoblu Hossain and her uncle‐in‐law Abdur Sattar. At present, they are out on bail.  Belly’s husband Anwar Hossain is still absconding and the other accused people are out on bail from the Court.

Odhikar’s Statement

The kind of incident of violence against women for dowry is increasing. From the fact finding mission it is apparent that police are not showing any interest because Anwar’s elder brother Ariful Islam is a Union Parishad member. The weak performance of police and the support of influential local people are making this crime more terrible. Odhikar demands the Government take initiatives to create mass awareness and to use the law for the victim to prevent this crime.

fact-finding-violence against women-Belly Khatun-2011 (full text in English, PDF)

fact-finding-violence against women-Belly Khatun-2011 (full text in Bangla, PDF)

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