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Recalling humanity

WHEN human rights abuses within a state persistently occur, the issue becomes public knowledge and repressive states will try their utmost to hide their actions, but to no avail. However, there are some actions and instances where establishing state responsibility becomes difficult while the abused continue to suffer. This is especially true if the state […]

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No to ’special circumstances’ in Law, No to Child Marriage

Taskin Fahmina* Child marriage is a widespread epidemic in Bangladesh. According to the UNICEF, Bangladesh has the fourth highest rate of child marriage in the world; and the highest rate of marriage involving girls under 15. It is more prevalent in rural areas where 71% of girls are married before the age of 18, compared […]

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বখাটেপনা ও নারীর পরিস্থিতি

বাংলাদেশের ইতিহাসে বখাটেদের দ্বারা নিপীড়ন এবং যৌন হয়রানি আজকের ঘটনা নয়। এর বিরুদ্ধে জোরালোভাবে সমন্বিত সামাজিক আন্দোলন ও প্রতিরোধ গড়ে না ওঠায় বর্তমান পরিস্থিতি ভয়াবহ হয়ে উঠেছে। গত কয়েক বছরে বখাটেদের আক্রমণে অনেক মেয়েই খুন হয়েছেন- আত্মহত্যা করেছেন, এসিড সন্ত্রাস, যৌন হয়রানি, আহত ও লাঞ্ছনার শিকার হয়েছেন। বখাটেরা অনেক মেয়েদের এসিড মারা, ধর্ষণ, অপহরণ, লাঞ্ছিত […]

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Banishing barbarous torture

June 26, 2016 by CR Abrar International DayToday, June 26, is being globally commemorated as International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Torture denies inherent dignity of human beings and has a lasting debilitating effect on the victim’s personality. Termed by the United Nations as one of the vilest acts perpetrated by human beings […]

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Of bail and bail bandits

June 18, 2016 The independence of the judiciary, respect for the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights are some of the foundations of a democratic society. The more these are abused, the weaker democracy will become, writes Saira Rahman Khan IN THE past few days there has been a slight flurry in the […]

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CITIZENSHIP LAW 2016: Need for thorough scrutiny, drastic revision

June 10, 2016 by CR Abrar MEDIA reports inform that in early February the cabinet has approved the Citizenship Act 2016. The text is likely to be placed in the parliament in its next session. The act is meant to supersede the Citizenship Act 1951 and the Bangladesh Citizenship (Temporary Provisions) Order 1972. A sensitive […]

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