Women human rights defenders in Bangladesh

In 1792, Mary Wollstonecraft wrote, in her Vindication of the Rights of Women, that the struggle for rights of women is located within the personal space – the home and the family; and within the public sphere – the political and economic world. More than two hundred years later, around the world, women are now promoting human rights in various roles- as advocates, social workers, nurses, counselors, grassroots activists, journalists, teachers, and lawyers. Their activism is vital as they effectively advance the rights of all people by challenging inequality and repression. Women activists have been able to identify the source of their subordination, experiences of violence and disadvantage as being located withinpatriarchy and practices that give privilegeto male power, and assign women to the private sphere, deemed to be an inferior place. This creates perpetual inequality – leading to violations to women’s human rights.

Women defenders Bangladesh-Article-2009 (full text in English, PDF)


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