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Women of Pakistan remain as part of the patriarchic society under discrimination and injustice

There are 72 women in the current National Assembly and more prominent positions are being held now by women than ever before, including the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Federal Ministers and a number ofdeputy and provincial positions. None of these women wear hijab, suggesting progressiveness in the parties who have elected them. Certain […]

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Women human rights defenders in Bangladesh

In 1792, Mary Wollstonecraft wrote, in her Vindication of the Rights of Women, that the struggle for rights of women is located within the personal space – the home and the family; and within the public sphere – the political and economic world. More than two hundred years later, around the world, women are now […]

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The state of human rights in Bangladesh 2006 : an Odhikar report

The current human rights situation in Bangladesh reflects an increasing global erosion of the gains achieved by the socio-political struggles of the people against repression at various levels – family, community and the state. Violations of human rights in Bangladesh are challenges faced by the country routinely every year. Unfortunately, old issues remain largely unresolved […]

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