Three young men killed after their arrest by alleged law enforcement officers

At around 9:00 am on 31 July 2011, three men named Rajib Ullah Sorder (23), Jewel Ullah Sorder (18) and Mizanur Hossain (18) were taken away by a few people claiming to be members of law enforcement agencies, from the gate of the ‘Boro Bari’ at 44 Shorotgupta road, adjacent to the Doagonj turn in Dhaka city. After five days, on 5 August, the bodies of the men were found, tied and shot, in Pubail at Gazipur and Sirajdikhan in Munshiganj.

Odhikar’s Observation

During the fact‐finding mission, Odhikar took the testimonies of the parents and relatives of the deceased and the members of the law enforcement agencies and eyewitness. They found inconsistency between the statements of eyewitness and law enforcement members. According to the statement of eyewitnesses, DB police with arms beat the men and took them away in a microbus.

After the identification of the dead bodies, their families claimed that the deceased men were innocent and DB police arrested them illegally and then killed them. The families went to the law enforcement agencies but did not get any appropriate answer about the arrest and killing by DB police, only excuses and delays. The dead bodies of three young men were found from Gazipur and Munshiganj five days after their disappearance from Doagonj of Gendaria. The law enforcement agencies did not make the slightest effort to determine the fate of the victims and their families.

Odhikar demands a fair investigation of this incident and that the criminals be brought to justice by the government.

fact-finding-extrajudicial killings-Sorder and Hossain-2011 (full text in English, PDF)

fact-finding-extrajudicial killings-Sorder and Hossain-2011 (full text in Bangla, PDF)

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