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Human rights monitoring report : January-September 2008

The human rights monitoring report describes the human rights situation in Bangladesh during the first nine months of 2008, specifically describing the following areas: Extrajudicial killings Freedom of expression Freedom of assembly Death in jail and custody Violence against women India- Bangladesh border violence Violations of workers rights The report closes with statistics on violations […]

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20 months of emergency in Bangladesh : the Government lacks legitimacy

Odhikar, as a part of its commitment to uphold human rights, rule of law and democracy, has been monitoring and publishing reports of the human rights situation under the State of Emergency, each month of the military backed government which was installed on 11 January 2007. This report covers the following topics: The crisis of […]

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State of emergency in Bangladesh : reviewing the situation after 18 months

The Caretaker Government was constituted under the provisions of the Constitution (Thirteenth Amendment) Act, proclaimed State of Emergency on 11 January 2007 purportedly under Article 141 A of the Constitution, in the absence of the Parliament and obviously without satisfying constitutional requirement ‘for its validity the prior counter signature of the Prime Minister. Odhikar has, […]

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15 months of emergency in Bangladesh : right to food must be guaranteed

Odhikar continued monitoring the human rights situation, including infringement of rights, during the State of Emergency proclaimed on January 11, 2007. The report below summarises the status of human rights during the 15 months of the State of Emergency. It also highlights new crises that emerged since imposition of nationwide emergency. This report covers the […]

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Police action on protesting garment workers

This fact-finding report relates to the unrest of the garments workers of Mirpur in Dhaka and surrounding areas, which erupted on January 8, 2008. Garments workers placed their 8 point demands to the owner of MBM Garments. Their demands included: Their full salaries Overtime Payment of unpaid portion of salaries Ending the sacking of garments […]

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