Police action on protesting garment workers

This fact-finding report relates to the unrest of the garments workers of Mirpur in Dhaka and surrounding areas, which erupted on January 8, 2008. Garments workers placed their 8 point demands to the owner of MBM Garments. Their demands included:

  • Their full salaries
  • Overtime
  • Payment of unpaid portion of salaries
  • Ending the sacking of garments workers without notice
  • Improvement of the quality of lunch and reinstitution of other facilities that are no longer available

With the motive to attain the above-mentioned demands the garments workers of MBM Garments seized the road alongside the Kachukhet area. The garments workers of neighbouring garments factories expressed solidarity with the dissenting MBM Garments workers and on January 14, 2008, they engaged in a clash with the law enforcers. The police initially baton charged the garments workers and then fired rubber bullets and tear shells towards them. This resulted in a widespread clash. Shakhawat, a garments worker of MBM Garments was arrested by RAB 4.

Dhaka-Police action workers-Others-2008 (full text in English, PDF)

Dhaka-Police action workers-Others-2008 (full text in Bangla, PDF)

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