Killing of Mohammad Shamim Sharkar by the police of Savar Police Station

On June 5, 2013, residents of Hemayetpur, Mohammad Shamim Sharkar (32) son of Mohammad Abul Halim Sharkar and Mosammat Jayvanu and Mohammad Saiful Islam Khan (25) son of Hazrat Ali Khan and Nasima Akhter, were arrested by police, led by assistant Sub Inspector (A.S.I) Mohammad Akidul Islam at around 7:30 in the evening for being accused in a motorcycle theft case. After being arrested , Shamim and Saiful were taken to different places including Nabinagar bus stand, Amin Bazar, Savar Police Station and finally were brought to Harindhara Police out-post.

Fact finding revealed that the news of Shamim and Saiful’s arrest was conveyed to Shamim’s elder brother Mohammad Amin Sharkar by a medicine businessman named Topu and then Shamim’s younger brother Mohammad Biplob Sharkar contacted A.S.I Akidul Islam over his mobile phone. On June 6, 2013, at around 12:30 pm, A.S.I. Akidul Islam asked Biplob Sharkar to meet him and Biplob met him in front of the Mollah Filling Station. At that time Sub Inspector (S.I) Emdadul Huq of Ashulia Police Station was also present there. A.S.I Akidul Islam informed Biplob that Shamim and Saiful were arrested under a murder case filedin 2002. He demanded Taka 5 hundred thousand as bribe to release them. He informed that they will be freed if Taka 2 hundred thousand is paid. When Biplob was paid Taka 20 thousand only and asked for some time for the collection of the residual amount, they took Shamim and Saiful to Harindhara Tanary Industries Police out-post. Later, Shamim and Saiful were allegedly tortured there.

During torture, Shamim had severely fallen ill and was taken to Sir Salimullah Medical College (Mitford) Hospital at Dhaka in a private car by police. When the medical officers declared Shamim dead, the members of the police cleverly managed to flee away leaving Shamim’s body in front of the hospital. As the emergency department staffs of the hospital grew suspicious, they informed the matter to Kotowali Police Station to take necessary actions. On June 6 at around 12:00 noon, Shamim’s family found his body and after conducting post mortem, Shamim Sharkar’s body was buried on June 7 in the morning at Hemayetpur Graveyard in Savar.

Shamim-Sarkar_TLEA_Police_Savar_05.06.13 (full text in English, PDF)

Shamim-Sarkar_TLEA_Police_Savar_05.06.13 (full text in Bangla, PDF)


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