Four student leaders allegedly injured in an attack by Chattra League members in Narayangonj

At around 12 noon on June 8, 2011, Mostafizur Rahman Titu, the leader of Bangladesh Awami League supported student organisation, Bangladesh Chattra League, and 20/25 associates allegedly attacked four ‘leftist’ leaders, in Narayangonj Tolaram Government College, who were distributing leaflets in support of a hartal (general strike). The hartal was being called to protest the price hike of diesel and the enhanced ticket price of buses on the NarayangonjDhaka route. A non-political organization, Jatri Odhikar Shongrokkhon Forum called for a half-day hartal on June 20, 2011 in Narayanganj. Shaokat Ali (24), the General Secretary of the Narayangonj branch of the Shomajtantrik Chattra Front supported by Bangladesh Shomajtantrik Dol BSD, its member Joyonto Saha (20) and Tarikul Shujon (26),the President of Bangladesh Chattra Federation, Narayangonj district branch and its member Nahid Bappi (20) were distributing leaflets in support of the hartal. It has been alleged that Titu and his assistants harassed those student leaders physically after confining them in the college student lounge.

Odhikar’s statement:

Odhikar took statement from the victim student leaders and the leaders of their party and also from the Chattra League leader who attacked them. From the statement of student leaders, the members of Chattra League confined them and
then abused them. Mostafizur Rahman Titu, the local Chattra League leader denied the complaint against him. Odhikar collected information about the abuse and the condition of their treatment in Narayongonj hospital. The student leaders
informed that the leftist parties are not being able to carry out their organisational activities in Tolaram College. The Chattra League members stopped the activities of the Science Club. They kept contact with their party members secretly by avoiding the Chattra League members and distributed leaflets and bulletins of their organisational activities.

Odhikar demands impartial investigation of the incident.

fact-finding-other-four students injured-2011 (full text in English, PDF)

fact-finding-other-four students injured-2011 (full text in Bangla, PDF)

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