Human rights report 2009 : Odhikar report on Bangladesh

The human rights agenda never seems to be a very big issue with the Bangladeshi government. Despite the multitude of human rights abuses and deprivations of guaranteed rights, each and every regime in Bangladesh has carried out its term in blissful ignorance, denial or suppression. 2009 has not been an exception, despite the present government emerging after a repressive State of Emergency. Ironically, human rights violations in the country continue despite the fact that Bangladesh is in its second term in the UN Human Rights Council.  This Annual Human Rights Report 2009 is a compilation of information and reports received by Odhikar from its human rights defenders in 40 districts; by scanning reported incidents published in national dailies; and information received from victims and their families. It has been prepared emphasising on international standards for the protection of human rights and the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Apart from analysing the activities of the recently elected regimes, the government’s influence on civil and political rights have also been scrutinized.

The report covers the following themes:

  • Elections and political violence
  • The UN Human Rights Council
  • The National Human Rights Commission
  • Repression (violations of civil and political rights)
  • Mutiny at the Bangladesh Rifles Headquarters
  • Workers rights
  • The police and prisons
  • Law and justice
  • Women and children
  • Rights of minority communities
  • Our neighbour, India

The report closes with 15 suggestions and recommendations, a list of fact-finding missions conducted in 2009 and background information on Odhikar.

Human Rights Report 2009 (full text in English, PDF)


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