A new phase of attack on Odhikar by the Anti Corruption Commission

Odhikar is facing severe state oppression since 2013 due to reporting on enforced disappearances, torture and extrajudicial killings and conducting human rights monitoring activities. As part of the oppression, Odhikar and local HRDs, who are associated with Odhikar, are facing false charges, detention, intimidation and harassment. Odhikar’s computers were confiscated and they contained sensitive and confidential information of victims and families. All funding has been stopped by the NGO Affairs Bureau (NGOAB) since 2014 and no approval of any new project has been given since 2013. The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has also joined the harassment and initiated an alleged ‘money laundering’ complaint against Odhikar, relating to a European Union (EU) sponsored fund for an awareness raising programme against torture. It is to be mentioned that, like other projects of Odhikar, this project was also audited by an EU and NGOAB approved auditing firm. The ACC was given relevant project documents and vouchers in 2014. In May 2016, the ACC sent another letter regarding the same project and funds and summoning the Secretary of Odhikar to the Commission. Odhikar believes that this is a new phase of attack on Odhikar by the government, in the saga of ongoing reprisals against the organisation.

Odhikar_letter_from_the_ACC (Bangla, PDF)

Odhikar_letter_from_the_ACC (English, PDF)

Response_from__Odhikar_to_the_ACC_with_relevant_documents (Bangla, PDF)

Response_from_Odhikar_to_the_ACC_with_relevant_documents (English, PDF)

Protest from human rights organization (AHRC) (Forum-Asia) (The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders- OMCT and FIDH)

Report published in the media (New Age)



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