A Bangladeshi farmer picked up by BSF from the Rotnai border of Thakurgaon District and detained in Indian jail

Mohammad Dilbar Hossain was a farmer who lived in the village of Barosha under Baliadangi Police Station in Thakurgaon district which fell near the Indian borders Sonamothi. On the Bangladesh side the village is within the pillar no 382 sub-pillar 3 at the Rotnai border. Dilbar was living with his wife and father. He had been farming land which fell at the Indian side of the river ‘Nagor’ which divided Bangladesh and India. His land is mainly situated in the ‘no mans land’ which is only 150 yards from the Indian border fence.

On January 19, 2010 at 8.00 am he and a man named Mohammad Khatibuddin went to the field for spreading ‘China seeds’. When they were sowing the seeds, the BSF troops came to fetch them and they arrested Dilbar Hossain while Khatibuddin succeeded in escaping.

On receiving the news from Khatibuddin, Dilbar’s father went to the BDR camp and they all went to the spot but could not trace him. The BDR did not hold any meeting or send any letter to the BSF in this regard. On communication with the higher authority of the 20th Rifles Battalion of the BDR, they were ordered not to send any letter to the BSF until the BSF sent them one. As Dilbar’s family found no trace of him, they gave this news to one of their relatives living at Sonamothi in India. On January 29, 2010 they came to know by their relative that Dilbar had been detained in the Indian jail and that he had visited him too.

It has been two and half months since Dilbar Hossain fell under detention in Islampur Jail in India. His father was preparing his passport to visit his son in India.

fact-finding-border violence-Mohammad Dilbar Hossain-2010 (full text in English, PDF)

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