Statement on election violence

Dates Covered: 14-24 December 2008

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Election violence report 1

Odhikar is focusing its EVER (Election Violence Education and Resolution) monitoring activities in 40 districts under 6 divisions that have a history of election-related violence in Bangladesh. Two monitors work in each of the 40 districts. Odhikar EVER monitors are responsible for identifying and gathering key information on incidents of election-related violence within each district, […]

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23 months of emergency in Bangladesh : the next Parliament must ensure a review of the decisions and actions taken under the State of Emergency

Odhikar notes the Government’s decision to lift the State of Emergency from 17 December, 2008. Odhikar has consistently campaigned against the Emergency since its imposition on 11 January 2007. Due to ‘Emergency’s inherent anti-human rights character, that denies essential freedoms far extensively than permitted under international laws, and fails to protect basic rights, Odhikar’s stand […]

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Human rights monitoring report : November 2008

The November 2008 monthly human rights monitoring report describes the human rights situation in Bangladesh, specifically describing the following areas: Immediately lift the State of Emergency Human rights must be in party manifesto Border killings Extrajudicial killings Freedom of expression Rape Dowry related violence Acid violence Death in jail The report closes with statistics on […]

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Abdul Mukit allegedly tortured to death by police in Noakhali

On September 11, 2008 Police from Sudharam Police Station in Noakhali arrested Abdul Mukit (20) from Fatehpur village in Noakhali Sadar Upazila. The court sent him to jail the next day and on September 13, 2008. Mukit died in Noakhali General Hospital while under the custody of the Jail Police. His family alleged that Mukit […]

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22 months of emergency in Bangladesh : State of Emergency must entirely be revoked

A State of Emergency is inherently undemocratic and curtails fundamental rights and freedoms without which civilized society cannot operate. Odhikar monitors different aspects of human rights situation of Bangladesh relying on internationally recognised universal human rights instruments and campaigns for rule of law, democracy and justice.   Odhikar believes that the State of Emergency must be […]

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