Human rights monitoring report : February 2018

The February 2018 monthly human rights monitoring report describes the human rights situation in Bangladesh, specifically describing the following areas: – Mass arrest of opposition party activists, indiscriminate cases filed, suppression and hindrance to freedom of assembly – Internal conflict of the ruling party and attacks on ordinary citizens – Allegations of extensive corruption – […]

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Female construction workers outside legal purview by Taskin Fahmina

Women break bricks. — pbase.com/bmcmorrow IN BANGLADESH, many women work in the male-dominant construction sector. These women are from the impoverished section of society and are employed at the lowest tier of the construction sector. They are often exploited, discriminated against at work as well as in their family and society, and their contributions are […]

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Odhikar’s Statement on the 7th March incidents of sexual harassment against women

Odhikar deeply condemns the reported disgraceful incidents of sexual harassment of a number of women in different streets of Dhaka City allegedly by the ruling party activists, the day before International Women’s Day. It was reported that the attackers chanted the slogan ‘Joy Bangla’ from the procession while they sexually molested women and obstructed the […]

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Press Release: Odhikar commemorates International Women’s Day 2018

To commemorate International Women’s day, Odhikar organised a discussion meeting at its office on 8 March 2018. Odhikar expressed its concern that violence against women is increasing alarmingly in this country, which has a detrimental effect on women’s human rights and political participation. On this day, Odhikar expresses solidarity with all the female family members […]

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মানবাধিকার প্রতিবেদনঃ ফেব্রুয়ারী ২০১৮

ফেব্রুয়ারী ২০১৮ এর মাসিক মানবাধিকার প্রতিবেদনে বাংলাদেশের মানবাধিকার অবস্থার নিন্মোক্ত বিষয়গুলো বর্ণনা করা হলোঃ – বিরোধীদলের নেতাকর্মীদের গণগ্রেফতার, নির্বিচারে মামলা দায়ের ও সভা-সমাবেশে বাধা এবং ক্ষমতাসীনদলের অন্তর্দ্বন্দ্ব ও সাধারণ নাগরিকদের ওপর হামলা – ব্যাপক দুর্নীতির অভিযোগ – বিচার বিভাগের স্বাধীনতা – রাষ্ট্রীয় বাহিনীর নিপীড়ন ও দায়মুক্তি – গণপিটুনীতে মানুষ হত্যা – মত প্রকাশ ও সংবাদ […]

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Written statement by Odhikar submitted at the 37th session of the UN HRC – BANGLADESH: Freedoms of Opinion, Expression and Peaceful Assembly and Association Are Systematically Violated

Rights to freedom of opinion and expression and freedom of peaceful assembly and of association are essential elements of democracy. Regrettably such rights are being systematically violated by the incumbent government. The government imposed various repressive laws and policies targeted at dissenters and is harassing the opposition political parties’ activists and people belonging to alternative […]

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