Upazila Parishad Election Observation Annex-2009

Odhikar, a human rights organisation, has been observing elections as a part of its organisational spectrum of work. Since its inception in 1994, Odhikar has established itself as a credible and reliable organisation in Bangladesh in the area of election observation, both national and local. Internationally, it has earned a good reputation and established relationship with regional election and democracy campaign organisations. To strengthen and empower the local government units Odhikar believes that elections to the Upazila Parishad (Sub-District Council), a mid-level local government tier, should be conducted in a free, fare and credible manner. Odhikar does not limit its election observing activities only within observing the procedural aspects of elections, but also watches the condition of the civil and political rights of the electorate during elections.

Upazila Parishad Election Annex-Report-2009 (full text in English, PDF)


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