Three-month Human Rights Monitoring Report on Bangladesh : July-September 2022

Since 2013, Odhikar has been facing severe obstacles to conducting its human rights activities due to extreme state repression, harassment and interference with freedom of expression. In continuation of this, government surveillance and harassment on Odhikar continued even when the report for the three months of July-September 2022 was being published. During this period, the Prime Minister’s Office rejected the appeal that Odhikar filed challenging the decision of the NGO Affairs Bureau not to renew Odhikar’s registration. Despite all these adversities, Odhikar continued its human rights work and publishing reports. Based on the reports sent by human rights defenders associated with Odhikar and data published in various media, Odhikar has prepared this three-month human rights report of 2022.

In this report, Odhikar highlighted the violations to civil and political rights, including the systematic suppression of freedom of speech, destruction of democratic systems, the narrowing down of justice through politicization of the Judiciary, and the deprivation of people’s right to life.


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