Three-month Human Rights Monitoring Report on Bangladesh: July – September 2020

On 10 October 2020, Odhikar celebrates 26 years of human rights activism. On this day in 1994, Odhikar, an organisation of human rights defenders was established through the efforts of a group of activists who took part in the struggle against the autocratic rule of Lieutenant General Hussein Mohammad Ershad. Since its establishment, Odhikar has always been active in raising mass awareness of human rights violations committed by the state; campaigning for the implementation of internationally recognised civil and political rights; protesting abuses and creating pressure to prevent the state from violating human rights. On its 26th anniversary, Odhikar pays tribute to the victims of human rights violations around the globe. It also expresses solidarity with the people of the world who are fighting against autocracy and for the establishment of self-determination. Odhikar conveys its sincere gratitude to all human rights activists, international organisations, local networks, supporters and well-wishers who have stood by it for the past 26 years; those who have expressed solidarity with Odhikar and those who campaigned against the government’s persecution on Odhikar.

Odhikar has been facing extreme state oppression and harassment by the incumbent government and its cronies and allies since 2013 for being vocal and for protecting victims of human rights abuses. Despite this adverse situation, Odhikar continues to work; and has prepared the third quarter (July – September) report of 2020 on the human rights situation of Bangladesh, based on reports gathered by grassroots human rights defenders associated with Odhikar and data collected from the media. The report reviews state persecution, deprivation of the right to life and personal liberty, and other important human rights violations. As in previous periods, the human rights situation in the country during these three months was extremely worrying.

Odhikar_Three-month HRR_July-September 2020 (full text in English, PDF)


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