Three-Month Human Rights Monitoring Report on Bangladesh: April-June 2023

Odhikar has prepared the human rights report for the month of April-June 2023 based on the reports sent by the human rights defenders associated with the Organisation from different districts of the country, and data published in various media. This report sheds light on the human rights situation of Bangladesh during the said period.

In Bangladesh, an increasingly authoritarian government has been in power for almost 15 years and has been violating human rights on a large scale and targeting human rights defenders. As a human rights organisation, Odhikar has been facing extreme state repression and harassment since 2013 while conducting its activities. Despite continued harassment and obstruction by the state, Odhikar is monitoring human rights violations in accordance with international human rights laws and standards.

HRR April June 2023 English

HRR April June 2023 Bangla


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