Three-month Human Rights Monitoring Report on Bangladesh : April-June 2022

Odhikar, since its inception in 1994 as a human rights organisation, has always sought to raise public awareness of human rights violations committed by the state and to campaign, protest against and restrain the state from violating internationally recognized civil and political rights. Since 2013, Odhikar has been facing extreme state repression on its freedom of expression and harassment while conducting its human rights activities. Despite the state’s ongoing obstructions, Odhikar continues to raising issues of human rights violations and has prepared this Human Rights Report for the month of April-June 2022, based on the reports sent by the human rights defenders associated with it and the data published in various media. During this reporting period, the NGO Affairs Bureau refused to renew Odhikar’s registration, there is continued intelligence surveillance on the organization and propaganda is being spread against Odhikar through the pro-government media. This report by Odhikar highlights abuses of civil and political rights, including the systematic violations of freedom of speech and expression, destruction of the democratic system, a dysfunctional justice delivery process (through the politicization of the judiciary) and deprivation of the right to life. Ever since this government came to power through farcical elections, it has used repressive policies in violation of both the constitution and UN conventions. During this reporting period, citizens have been subjected to enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings and torture. There have also been a number of other human rights violations, including the deprivation of freedoms of expression, assembly and association.

HRR_April-June_2022  (full text in Bangla, PDF)

HRR_April-June_2022 (full text in English, PDF)


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