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Odhikar: 18 years of upholding rights, freedom and justice

On 10th October 2012 Odhikar marks its 18th anniversary. The day also happens to be the International Day against the Death Penalty1. As a human rights organisation Odhikar has been campaigning for justice and fair trial; and against the death penalty since its inception. Established against the backdrop of the fall of the military dictatorship and restoration […]

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Odhikar’s concern about the proposed Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Bill 2011

Odhikar is deeply concerned to learn from the media of the proposed amendments to the AntiTerrorism Act 2009, approved by the Cabinet meeting on December 26, 2011, which has widened the scope of the Act by approving death penalty for financing terrorist activities. The existing law stipulates that a person guilty of the offence of […]

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Odhikar : 17 years of protecting rights, freedom and justice

Press Statement Odhikar marks its 17th year of formation on 10 October 2011, which is also the World Day Against the Death Penalty. Campaign against the death penalty is one of the many areas in which Odhikar has dedicated itself for last seventeen years. Created after the fierce movement against military dictatorship, Odhikar as a network […]

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Bangladesh : criminal justice through the prism of capital punishment and the fight against terrorism

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) fact-finding mission’s mandate was to enquire on the death penalty and the administration of criminal justice in Bangladesh, with a focus on people convicted for so-called terrorist offences. The principal objective was to assess the respect of the fair trial guarantees, in particular the prohibition of torture, in capital cases. The mission […]

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The state of human rights in Bangladesh 2006 : an Odhikar report

The current human rights situation in Bangladesh reflects an increasing global erosion of the gains achieved by the socio-political struggles of the people against repression at various levels – family, community and the state. Violations of human rights in Bangladesh are challenges faced by the country routinely every year. Unfortunately, old issues remain largely unresolved […]

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