Statement of Odhikar: 10th Parliamentary elections, unilaterally declared by the Election Commission without a political solution, will push Bangladesh towards total political confrontation

The present political violence and confrontation over the decision to hold one-sided and non-participatory elections have already caused serious human rights violations. As a human rights organisation and election monitoring body, Odhikar believes that public opinion is vital for participatory, inclusive and credible elections. This is not the case under the present circumstances. Odhikar urges the government to refrain from all repressive activities and all other acts that violate human rights; and urges all concerned to cancel schedule for holding the 10th Parliamentary elections on January 5, 2014.

Under the present situation, Odhikar has decided to refrain from monitoring the 10th Parliamentary elections, as it feels that the elections will not be inclusive, participatory or fair; and there is very little scope for the people to participate or vote.

Statement 3 January 14 (full text in English, PDF)
Statement 3 January 14 (full text in Bangla, PDF)


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