374 killed in political conflict, 355 killed by law enforcement agencies

 04 January, 2007 

Press Release of Odhikar 

Odhikar’s data on human rights violations shows that in the year 2006, 374 persons have been killed, 21265 injured, 2358 arrested and 48 abducted due to political related violence. Besides, 28651 were the victims of mass arrest. In 2005, 310 persons were killed, 8997 persons injured, 1216 arrested and 93 abducted due to political violence. The number of killings, injuries, abductions and arrests has increased in the year 2006 by 21%, 136 % and 94% respectively and abduction decreased by 48%. Odhikar has prepared this report on the basis of 14 national dailies and its own fact-finding reports.

It shows that 355 people were killed by law enforcers across the country in 2006.Of them, 190 were killed by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), 147 by police, one by forest guard, four by DB police, four by coastguard, six by BDR and three by forest and coastguard jointly.

It is noted that 355 people were killed by law enforcement agencies from 1st January to 31st December 2006. Of which 290 persons were killed in ‘Crossfire’. Among the cross-fire victims, 181 people were killed by RAB, 100 by police, 9 by others i.e. 1 by forest guard, 4 by DB police, 1 by coastguard and 3 by forest and coast guard jointly.

Out of 355 victims, a group of 65 remaining persons were killed in various ways other than cross-fire by law enforcers. Among them, 20 were killed by police torture, 4 by RAB physical torture, 6 by general shootout of RAB, 25 by general shootout of police, 6 by BDR shootout. Two died in the hospital after being arrested by RAB, 1 died of heart attack during clash between police and mob, 1 was killed when a police van ran over the victim.

But in 2005, about 396 persons were killed by law enforcers and of which 111 were killed by RAB, 258 by police, 4 by Cheetah and Cobra and 23 by other law enforcement agencies.

The types of violence were that 340 persons were killed in ‘Crossfire’. Among the cross-fire victims, 107 were killed by RAB, 212 by police, 4 by Cheetah-Cobra and 17 by other forces.

The percentage of general killing and crossfire killing by law enforcers decreased in the year 2006 by 10% compare to 2005. It is to be mentioned here that the killing due to political violence increased but killing by the law enforcement agencies decreased a little.

During 2006, a total of 62 persons died in jail custody and 12 persons in police station. Whereas, in 2005, around 76 persons died in jail custody and 6 persons in police station.  The percentage of death in jail custody and police station has been decreased in the year 2006 by 10% compared to 2005.

Odhikar report also shows that in the year 2006, 1 journalist was killed, 183 injured, 6 arrested, 28 attacked including 1 press club, 2 newspaper printing presses, 4 newspaper offices, 1 reporters’ meeting and 1 seminar were attacked. 53 journalists were assaulted, 114 threatened and cases were filled against 111 journalists. But in 2005, two journalists were killed, 142 injured, 11 arrested, 4 abducted, 53 assaulted, 249 threatened, cases were filed against 130 journalists and 15 journalists were attacked. Finally, the statistics shows that in 2006 attack on journalists decreased by 18%.

Besides, 412 women and 227 children were raped in 2006. Of which, 126 were killed and 13 committed suicide after violation. It is noted that of them 3 were raped by the law enforcing agencies. However, in 2005, 588 women and 319 children were raped of which 128 were killed and 14 committed suicide after violation. Three women were raped by the members of law enforcers. Finally, the percentage of rape has decreased by 30% in 2006.

The report shows 320 women have been victims of dowry related offence in 2006.Of them, 243 women were killed, 64 were tortured, 5 were the victims of acid attacks and 8 committed suicide due to dowry. However, in 2005, a total of 382 women were victims of dowry. Among them, 227 were killed, 123 tortured, 13 were victims of acid attacks and 19 committed suicide. Finally, the dowry related violence has decreased by16% in 2006.

161 persons have been reportedly victims of acid attacks across the country in the year 2006. Of them 20 were children, 105 were women and 36 were men. However, in 2005, the number of acid victims was 196 of which 37 were children, 104 were females and 55 were males. Finally, the percentage of acid attack has been decreased by 18% in 2006.

During 2006, about 1043 children were victims of human rights violations. Of them 366 were killed, 139 injured, 227 were raped, 93 abducted, 12 arrested, 20 were victims of acid throwing, 52 committed suicide and 134 went missing. Where as, in 2005, a total of 1139 children were victims of human rights violation. Of them 308 were killed, 130 injured, 319 violated, 205 abducted, 37 were acid victims, 19 arrested, 36 committed suicide and 85 went missing. Ultimately, the percentage of human rights violation against children decreased by 8% in 2006.

In Chittagong Hill Tracts, 29 people were killed, 361 injured, 22 kidnapped, 3 went missing, 3 women were raped and 42 arrested in different incidents of human rights violations in 2006. However, in 2005, a group of 25 persons were killed, 71 were injured, 81 were abducted, 2 women were raped and 35 women were arrested. Finally, the percentage of human rights violation in Chittagong Hill Tracts increased by 53% in 2006.

In the India-Bangladesh border area, 147 people were killed, 144 injured, 21 arrested, 165 kidnapped, 32 went missing, 2 women were raped and 9 incidents of snatching/looting were recorded in 2006. However, around 104 people were killed, 66 injured, 26 arrested, 78 kidnapped, 14 went missing, 3 women were raped and 4 incident of snatching/looting were recorded in 2005. The percentage of violation in border area increased by 43 % in 2006.

All of the incidents were perpetrated mostly by the BSF. Upon analysing the report it is construed that all violence other than Political, Border and Chittagong Hill Tracts decreased comparatively in 2006.

ASM Nasiruddin Elan

Office in charge



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