Press Release: Odhikar commemorates International Women’s Day 2018

To commemorate International Women’s day, Odhikar organised a discussion meeting at its office on 8 March 2018. Odhikar expressed its concern that violence against women is increasing alarmingly in this country, which has a detrimental effect on women’s human rights and political participation. On this day, Odhikar expresses solidarity with all the female family members of the victims of enforced disappearances in Bangladesh, for continuing their struggle. Odhikar also calls on the government and relevant stakeholders to protect the rights of female political prisoners from torture and degrading treatment in the cases of recent mass arrest. Odhikar demands that all forms of violence against women must stop and a safe environment for women in political and economic areas must be created.

Odhikar PR_8 March 2018 (full text in English, PDF)



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