Human rights concerns 2007 : Odhikar report on Bangladesh

In 2007, there has been a general deterioration of democratic values and political tolerance culminating in increasing fragmentation of the society breeding non-negotiable antagonistic positions and open violence. Following the escalation of increasingly violent clashes between members of rival political parties allegedly over the independence of the state bodies tasked with conducting national elections, the Army intervened on 11 January 2007; a new military-backed interim government took control and declared a State of Emergency.

Generally speaking there are democratic deficits in the constitution which are major concerns for the human rights defenders of Bangladesh. This year contradictions in our constitution have become very apparent in two core areas: emergency and election. The present report intends to highlight on these contradiction. The report summarizes various Odhikar reports and case studies from 2007.

The report covers the following topics:

  • Human rights during the state of emergency
  • Reforming state instutions
  • Cases of human rights concerns (violations of freedom of movement; freedom of association; freedom of thought and conscience; freedom of expression)
  • Extrajudicial killings
  • Torture
  • Arrests
  • Violence against women
  • Workers rights
  • Eviction of slum dwellers
  • Ethnic and religious minorities
  • Border violence

The report closes with 5 conclusions and4 recommendations to the government.

Annual Human Rights Report-2007 (full text in English, PDF)

Annual Human Rights Report-2007 (full text in Bangla, PDF)


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