Joint NGO Alternative Report to the UN Human Rights Committee on Bangladesh (119th Session – 6-29 March 2017)

The human rights situation in Bangladesh is far from being satisfactory. From May 2013 to December 2016, Odhikar documented 727 cases of alleged extra-judicial killings by law enforcement agency; 232 persons were forcibly disappeared after having allegedly been picked up. Although Bangladesh enacted several laws to curb gender-based violence, however, in practice women continue to face gender-based violence, including sexual harassment, dowry practice, without adequate protection by State authorities. Discrimination between men and women and violence against women continues unabated and remains a serious human rights concern in Bangladesh. The rights to freedom of expression and freedoms of assembly and association are severely curtailed by the government. Despite repeated pledges by the government, numerous murders of bloggers and activists have been systematically ignored.

Read full report: Bangladesh_Joint Report to_UN CCPR



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