Human rights report 2008 : Odhikar report on Bangladesh

The Human Rights Report 2008 is one of the reports that Odhikar brings out at the beginning of a new year, consolidating and compiling its various reports published over the preceding year. Odhikar focuses on host of rights guaranteed under international human rights instruments and those protected by the Constitution of Bangladesh. It monitors violations of the right to life, liberty, and freedom from torture, freedom of expression, the rights of women, workers rights, and rights of religious and other minorities. It also follows legislative and institutional developments relevant to the enjoyment of universally guaranteed human rights.

This Annual Human Rights Report of 2008 reviews and analyzes key developments in the realm of human rights, as experienced by the people of Bangladesh. It examines the role of the Caretaker Government, not only as an institution in itself, its legality but also parts played by the military and security forces in shaping policies and decisions with civil, political and human rights consequences. It also reviews institutional developments, such as those new institutions setup and changes made to existing ones, purportedly to further and secure individual and collective rights. While reviewing the human rights situation in 2008, the report also explores causes for the deplorable state of human rights and the culture of impunity and in this context, examine fault lines and democratic deficiencies in the Constitution and in particular, the imposition of the State of Emergency while a Caretaker regime is in place.

Human Rights Report 2008 (PDF, English)


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