Final report : Election Violence Education and Resolution (EVER)

This report details the findings from the Election Violence Education and Resolution (EVER) program, designed by IFES and implemented by Odhikar for the December 28, 2008 parliamentary election in Bangladesh. The EVER program is designed document accurate information about incidents of election-related violence in a methodologically reliable manner, so that stakeholders in the electoral process could use this information to design and implement effective electoral interventions in a country.

This report is based primarily on Odhikar monitoring of election-related violence from December 14 to 28, 2008. Odhikar focused its EVER monitoring activities in 40 districts under 6 divisions that have a history of election related violence in Bangladesh. Two monitors worked in each of the 40 districts. Odhikar EVER monitors were responsible for identifying and gathering key information on incidents of election-related violence within each district, as well as tensions, potential for violence, and peace initiatives. The monitors were trained in the EVER methodology which requires multiple sources to verify incidents of election-related violence.

This report indicates that there are specific districts in which the incidents of violence exceed most other districts that were observed. The data indicates that mitigation efforts should be intensified for violence-free elections in the districts of Pabna, Kishorgonj, Cox


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