BANGLADESH: UN human rights experts must undertake an independent investigation into enforced disappearances and hold perpetrators accountable

Manila/Dhaka, 30 August 2021: AFAD, Mayer Daak and Odhikar pay tribute to victims of enforced disappearances and stand in solidarity with the families and relatives of the disappeared in Bangladesh and across the world while commemorating International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances. Enforced disappearances, along with an array of other grave human rights violations, are not new phenomenon in Bangladesh. However, state-sponsored human rights abuses, including enforced disappearances have become a systematic tool to suppress political opponents and silence dissenting voices since 2009, when the Awami League – led government assumed power. The issue of enforced disappearances has been discussed at various levels of the United Nations, including the Universal Periodic Review, for the past decade. Despite international criticism, the incumbent Awami League government has never taken the matter seriously.

Joint Statement_Bangladesh_IDD 2021_Odhikar_AFAD_Mayer Daak  (full text in English, PDF)


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