BANGLADESH: Government must conduct impartial and thorough investigations into all cases of enforced disappearance and bring the perpetrators to justice

Dhaka/Manila/Paris, 25 May 2021: Every year, advocates against enforced disappearance commemorate the International Week of the Disappeared on the last week of May. This week, AFAD, FIDH, Mayer Daak, and Odhikar join the global community in remembering those who have been forcibly disappeared and call upon the government of Bangladesh to return all disappeared persons to their families and ensure justice for the victims. The denial by the Bangladeshi authorities of their continued practice of enforced disappearance – particularly targeting political opposition activists and dissidents – and their unwillingness to take any action to address this serious crime deserves condemnation.

IWD Statement_Bangladesh_AFAD_FIDH_Mayer Daak_Odhikar  (full text in English, PDF)


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