BANGLADESH: Annual Human Rights Report 2023

Ahead of the country’s national elections on 7 January 2024, Odhikar has published the annual human rights report 2023, which monitors the country’s human rights situation in accordance with international human rights laws and standards. The information contained in the report is based on data provided by human rights defenders and published in various international media.

In 2023, significant human rights violations were perpetrated prior to the 12th National Parliament elections set for 7 January 2024. These violations included gagging of freedom of speech, denial of right to life and measures taken to deny people’s free and fair voting rights. Freedoms of expression and media were severely disrupted, leading to a lack of media coverage on various human rights abuses. The Awami League government employed law enforcement agencies and party members to disrupt, attack, and arrest political opponents and dissidents. They launched a widespread arrest campaign targeting leaders and activists from opposition parties, primarily the BNP, by filing politically motivated, trumped-up cases against them. Many of these cases are fabricated, with charges even being brought against individuals who are deceased, bedridden, already incarcerated, or residing abroad.

AHRR 2023 Odhikar English Final



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