A 12-year old girl shot by BSF soldier at the Nawdapara border, Roumari under Kurigram District

Rumi Akhter Nipa a 12-year old girl was shot by the BSF at the Nawdapara border in Roumari under Kurigram District on 4 October, 2009.

On the day of the incident Rumi was returning with a group of girls from a pond that falls between the international pillars no. 1063 and 1064 at the border. On their way back Rumi suddenly felt a sharp pain on her thigh and found that she had been shot. Rumi was brought to Roumari Upazila Health Complex at once and had been admitted there for 6 months. The attending doctor informed that the wound has started to heal but it would need some more time before she can walk properly.

The BDR camp in Roumari, being outraged by this irresponsible shooting, asked for explanations from the BSF, who had promised to conduct an investigation on the matter and punish the one responsible. The BSF has apologized for this unanticipated incident.

Kurigram-girl shot Nawdapara-Border Eng-2009 (full text in English, PDF)

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