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Human rights report 2012 : Odhikar report on Bangladesh

The Human rights movement does not merely revolve around activities to protect victims of human rights violations from the abuses of the State, but by its very gesture interrogates the nature of political power and the moral and cultural foundations of a society. In countries like Bangladesh, where democratic transformation is still a task to […]

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Human rights report 2011 : Odhikar report on Bangladesh

The year 2011 is full of regressive evidence of what we have been observing for long. The situation has drastically deteriorated this year, beyond the expectations of many who assumed that the mere installation of an elected government can address the fundamental malaise of the State. If the State is not constituted on democratic principles, […]

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Human rights report 2010 : Odhikar report on Bangladesh

The overwhelming lack of political tolerance, absence of necessary and effective institutions to ensure a democratic polity and blatant violations of human rights still remain the biggest hurdles for democracy in Bangladesh.This atmosphere leads to the manifestation of undemocratic and dictatorial nature of power that abuses the state machinery for parison and narrow political gain. Immediately after coming […]

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Human rights report 2009 : Odhikar report on Bangladesh

The human rights agenda never seems to be a very big issue with the Bangladeshi government. Despite the multitude of human rights abuses and deprivations of guaranteed rights, each and every regime in Bangladesh has carried out its term in blissful ignorance, denial or suppression. 2009 has not been an exception, despite the present government emerging after a […]

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Human rights report 2008 : Odhikar report on Bangladesh

The Human Rights Report 2008 is one of the reports that Odhikar brings out at the beginning of a new year, consolidating and compiling its various reports published over the preceding year. Odhikar focuses on host of rights guaranteed under international human rights instruments and those protected by the Constitution of Bangladesh. It monitors violations of the right to […]

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Human rights concerns 2007 : Odhikar report on Bangladesh

In 2007, there has been a general deterioration of democratic values and political tolerance culminating in increasing fragmentation of the society breeding non-negotiable antagonistic positions and open violence. Following the escalation of increasingly violent clashes between members of rival political parties allegedly over the independence of the state bodies tasked with conducting national elections, the Army intervened on 11 January […]

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